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Prosmile (The Company) is developing an Augmented Reality Platform (AR) to help patients and doctors to review available aesthetic dentistry and replacement solutions. Augmented Reality is an exciting topic for the dental world and offers enormous possibilities from planning with the patient to the collaboration between the dentist and the dental laboratory.

We will be using techniques to extract 3D images directly by scanning the face, lips, mouth cavity, or through physical modeling casts. The output will be uploaded in STL format into the windows software, edited (aesthetic wise), and the new 3D file is uploaded into AR application to be viewed in real-time.

We aim to match the teeth to the front, simultaneously embedding virtual teeth, overlaying the real teeth or mouth, blending virtual and authentic images. From an aesthetic point of view, the patient can switch from different options in a real-time, selecting from a whole range of teeth shape, color, and position. 

We are focused on extracting facial landmarks points through scanning the Maxilla and Mandible and lip detection. Our Face recognition technology is layered with Machine learning (Face detector module) where the virtual database is initially trained to use ML algorithm using a set of high-quality photos /data for real-time face capturing and tracking and subsequently updated through new data emerging from patients and practitioners.

This database also has a gallery that includes different sets of 3D models of the tooth, such as the Hollywood style, which can be superimposed onto the patient’s teeth. Once a mutually agreeable decision is made, placement and rendering of the procedure are executed, concluding the treatment by communicating effectively to the laboratory.
Our main goal is to preview the treatment through Videos and images through Augmented Reality.

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